Monday, July 9, 2012

Phase 1 complete

I'm making and executive decision and calling "Phase 1" complete. Essentially, Phase 1 is exterior and major mechanical. Phase 2 will be interior and cosmetic touches.
So, this Spring and early Summer, I've:
Replaced the exhaust system
Repaired the battery compartment and adjacent rust damaged area (mostly wheel well)
Pulled the dents from behind the spare tire and reinforced the whole area with 1/8" aluminum from a roadsign I found. Much, much stronger now
Sanded the pop-top and repainted.
Repaired cargo area, reinforced with aluminum, and painted
Sanded whole bus fixing small spots of rust as I went (actually very few, quite happy about that) and repainted.
Sanded bumpers and repainted (using a color scheme suggested by PdxPaulie)
Repaired window seal.
Adjusted Steering box (wow! It actually turns when you turn the steering wheel!)
Next, Phase 2: Interior!

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