Monday, September 19, 2011

Bound to Cover Just A Little More Ground- Redux

I'm seeing a trend here. Once a year updates: Every time Furthur comes around!
At any rate, worked on Belle all weekend installing a new couch (pics soon I hope). Basically it's a leather sectional salvaged from my living room. Very comfy, and still sleepable. I also repaired the screen in the pop-top driver side with military insect netting, and used velcro for the attachments in case I want to really open it up.

As the couch install necessitated some sort of back support for the upper half of the couch, I built 2 cupboards (in progress: they need doors) in the back to hold the back of the couch up. These also function as speaker stands for the rear speakers. I decided to pull the Fender Twin Reverb speakers out, and instead am using smaller JBL studio monitors. They sound great and balance better with the front speakers. Lastly, I pulled the stereo from the MG and installed it in the bus, as it plays CDs and the one in the bus I bought back in '94 does not.

Other than clean-up, I think she's mostly ready to go!