Monday, February 23, 2009

Making progress

As you can see, I had help this weekend. Mike provided moral support and tried to work out his on-again-off-again bad VW karma. I think we made progress on that!
I changed out the pushrod seals on the right side and reinstalled the modified heat exchanger. I also pulled all the fuel-lines and began replacing those. Removed firewall to inspect the fuel tank and assorted hoses attached to that (replaced one). Next we will be installing the new fuel pump, distributor and carb and firing her up. If the oil leak was fixed with the pushrod seal change, then we're good. If not, then I'll do the other side. I'm hoping to have most of the engine work done by the end of next weekend so we can start on the mechanical stuff (CVs, Shocks, Brakes, etc).

Friday, February 13, 2009

And We're Off...

So it begins, and immediately plans change. I had hoped to pull the distributor today (Friday) to install the Pertronix electric ignition this evening and install on Saturday. Instead, I pulled the distributor (interestingly, a Volkswagen branded Bosch), the carb (Weber), the coil (POS as it turns out) and all the wires and started CLEANING. After 15 years of oil leaks and dirt, well... you can imagine. So, tomorrow, clean the whole dang engine compartment and everything in it. The idea behind an air cooled engine is the air actually has to GET TO the engine.

Sunday, install and put it all back together. Daylight permitting, I'll work on the push rod seals too.

Oh, and for what it's worth, I finally found out what the heck I have. Although a legit camper, it's not a "Westy" Westphalia. It's a Riviera. These were shipped from Germany and sent to Riviera Motors in Beaverton, then converted to campers in Vancouver, WA., because campers were selling like hot-cakes, and they did not have enough to keep up. So they sent Kombi's to Vancouver to have them converted.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 1 - The work begins

Well, I spent most of the weekend getting ready to start. Finding tools, gathering supplies, ordering parts... etc. However, I did manage to remove the rear bumper, drain the gas tank and the oil. Decided to switch over to an electronic ignition, so ordered that too. My goal by the end of next weekend is to have the "new" carb installed, the cleaned and updated distributor installed, clean all the engine compartment internals, especially the electrical connections, and get started (maybe) on the push rod seals. Aim high, right?
Also, I gave Belle the once over and found some real positives: only 1 cvc boot needs to be replaced; the hoses off the carb are in fine shape; I haven't inspected forward of the rear half of the bus yet, but so far have only found 1 spot of new rust and it's very small; the exhaust system, despite appearances, is also in suprisingly good shape.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Under Construction

Inspired by a friend ( who has a beautiful '71, I decided to make this for me and my '73. Her name is Belle, and this is our 15th anniversary together. After sitting dormant for many a year (life kind of caught up with me... ya know... kids and all) she and I are going to get it together and head to a Dead show in May. So this will involve some work, both mechanical and cosmetic.